Newshosting can be considered a “senior” provider; they have been around for over a decade. The Usenet access they offered was always good, but so where the prices – Nice but somewhat standard. Over the years however they drastically increased their retention and upgraded their server farms to keep up with the emerging high-speed Internet connections.

In 2012, they announced their own newsreader, boldly named “Newshosting Newsreader” (available free of charge for members) which performed quite well in our tests. Especially the search feature impressed us as it very much resembles the ones from big commercial providers such as UseNeXt and Binverse which cost considerably more.

Sounds very promising, but what about the sneaky details? Here is our review:

Important: Once again, we were able to get you a special deal. For a limited time only, unlimited access to this Usenet service is available for only $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Click here for the $9.99/month Newshosting Special Offer

Click here for the $99.99/year Newshosting Special Offer ($8.33/month, save 17%)

Retention: Over 1479 days old articles are being kept on their servers (that over 3 years old) and it is still becoming more daily.

Anonymity and Encryption: Encryption via SSL is included for free, and downloading is completely anonymous secure since no logs of downloads are being kept according to them.

Pricing: Now, here is the deal:
When buying through the official site, you can get an unlimited account for only $12.95, which is already a surprisingly low price for this quality of service. However by clicking on our special link, you can get these prices:

- Unlimited account: $9.99 with our “secret” URL, or $99 per year (which is $8.25 a month)

- Block account (for casual users): 25GB for $10, 180GB for $25

This makes Newshosting the cheapest provider for this kind of top-quality service.

Now, in nature, these type of offers are limited so we can’t assure you how long it will be available. You can use the link on the top to lock in the special price for the entire period of your subscription.

Speed: According to dozens of reviews it is possible to get speeds of over
50 MBit, so downloading a complete DVD takes only a few minutes. Now, we tested it and were actually able to download with over 100 MBit. Of course, this is outstanding.

Other Nice Features: In case you don’t mind paying ~ $5.00 more you can get the double amount of connections (60 instead of 30) and a free membership for “Easynews“, a site providing Usenet access within your browser, making downloading even more convenient. But quite frankly, you don’t really need this if you’re comfortable with the “regular” way of downloading which, also, is almost ridiculously easy, considering they offer a beginner friendly newsreader. Also, except for some very rare case, 60 connections is exactly the same, in terms of speed, as 30 connections, so no need to upgrate here..


Not only did Newshosting keep up with the competition, but now it has also become the Usenet provider with the lowest monthly prices for high-quality, unlimited service. Retention, speed, and pricing are all top notch so we can sincerely recommend this service.

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